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For over ten years, the GLIWA timing experts have worked in various mass-production and research projects in the automotive industry. For years we have addressed the subject of multi-core, which is still new for many projects. For example, our operating system gliwOS and our timing suite T1 are adapted for multi-core.

Resource optimization
Tuning for RAM, ROM, stack and/or execution time
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Timing debugging
Assistance with the most acute problems
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Multi-core services
Industrial experience integrated with the latest research
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Engineering & coaching
Know-how in Embedded Software
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T1 Product Training
Register now for our T1 Product Training on January 22nd and 23rd. Click here for the registration form.
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ESE Kongress 2018
Come to the 11th ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen!

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T1 supports TC39x
Synchronized traces from 6 cores!
T1 makes it happen. Click here, to view a screenshot of T1 with 6 synchronized traces and some cross-core communications.


More details on the AURIX 2G can be found in Infineon's official press-release.

Multi-core in minutes
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The AURIX based ATdemo comes with a multi-core OS, a demo application and built-in T1 timing analysis. It was never easier to get started with multi-core.
Click here for details.
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