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T1.streaming is an add-on for T1.timing and enables recording continuous target scheduling trace data on a PC. All trace data capture by the T1-TARGET-SW is sent to the host PC where it is stored, analyzed and visualized “on-the-fly” in real-time. The analysis by the user can be performed with the T1-HOST-SW while streaming or later with a stored streaming trace.


The duration of a recorded trace is only limited by the capacity of the hard-disk used for this purpose. T1.streaming enables recording trace data for seconds, minutes, hours or even days. With T1.streaming it is now possible to record all trace data during whole test drives and perform detailed analysis as needed at any time.

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streaming screenshot

A lot of analyses can be performed with the stored trace data:

  • Extract and analyue all timing parameters (min/max/average of CET, GET, RT, IPT, ST, PER and NST) for all tasks and interrupts, processes and threads
  • Visually identify maximum and minimum values at the first glance and zoom in to a single instance of a task, interrupt, process or thread within a second
  • Get an immediate visual impression of the core loads of all cores
  • Add unlimited constraints and visualize violations of the constraints
  • Add unlimited event-chains to calculate user specific timing parameters (available Q1/2021)

Zooming in shows more details of the tasks, interrupts, processes, and threadsstreaming screenshot Depending on the zoom level the following visualization modes are automatically selected:

  • Graphs with the aggregated min/max/average timing parameters
  • Graphs indicating each timing parameter available (no aggregation)
  • Detailed state-view similar to T1.scope: colors indicate states like “ready” or “running”

Supported interfaces

  • Ethernet (IP/UDP)

Requirements regarding the host PC

  • Intel i7 or compatible CPU
  • GPU
  • SSD drive
  • 16GB RAM
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GLIWA Statement with regard to Log4j Security Flaw
T1 does not use Log4j, hence it is not affected by the recently discovered Log4j security flaw.

GLIWA goes YouTube
Our brand new videos provide concrete and entertaining insights into the functions and advantages of the various components of the T1 Analysis Suite.

GLIWA embedded systems has a new legal form

After a form-changing transformation completed on 1st July 2021 the full new company name is now:

GLIWA embedded systems
GmbH & Co. KG

We kindly ask you to include this name in your systems and to use it in your future correspondence and documents. The address of our head office, the VAT-ID and the D.U.N.S. remain unchanged.

GLIWA providing fundamental
knowledge besides outstanding

The practice-oriented, book on methodology and analysis of embedded software timing. Numerous case studies help to avoid tricky problems, facilitate optimal use of processor resources and give many hints to secure correct runtime behavior.

Edited by Springer. Available as printed edition and eBook. Take a closer look here.
Now also available in Korea and China!
Peter Gliwa's coveted book was recently published in Korea and – in cooperation with the highly recognized Tsinghua University of Beijing – will also be available on the Chinese book market.

To find out more about T1 or to arrange a free presentation, just call:
+49 881 138522-70

New Distributor for South Korea
We welcome ITIV AI as our competent partner in South Korea with years of deep T1 knowledge.

Interviews on YouTube
Check-out the interviews with GLIWA CEO Peter Gliwa on Matrickz TV. In this one Peter talks with MATRICKZ CEO Dr. Hasan Akram about timing in automotive software develeopment and in this one about entrepreneurship.


T1 supports TC39x
Synchronized traces from 6 cores!
T1 makes it happen. Click here, to view a screenshot of T1 with 6 synchronized traces and some cross-core communications.


More details on the AURIX 2G can be found in Infineon's official press-release.
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