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PDF EN          Timing in AUTOSAR CP, AUTOSAR AP and beyond
Manuscript of a presentation at the EMCC (Embedded Multi-Core Conference) 2019 in Munich.
Multi-core has been introduced to automotive applications on a broad basis a few years ago and in the meantime the multi-core methodology has reached some kind of maturity. This is not true for AUTOSAR AP which is still very new to most SW architects, SW developers and integrators. The talk summarizes timing aspects of AUTOSAR CP, introduces a timing perspective for AUTOSAR AP and even suggest a mapping of the “old” CP timing parameters to the “new AP world and beyond (POSIX in general)”.
Author: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA
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         New Timing Poster (AUTOSAR CP, AUTOSAR AP, POSIX)
Our new Timing Poster sheds a light on timing aspects of AUTOSAR CP, e.g. by giving a graphical definition of timing parameters such as Core-Execution-Time (CET) or Response-Time (RT). AUTOSAR AP is also addressed and timing aspects of the different layers of an AUTOSAR AP system are highlighted. The poster includes suggestions of how the usual timing parameters may be mapped. Furthermore it explains how the typical usage of the RTE in an AUTOSAR CP system can lead to problems.
PDF EN          Best practice for timing optimization
Manuscript of a presentation at the ESE (Embedded Software Engineering Congress) 2018 in Sindelfingen
Author: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA
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PDF EN          A systematic approach for timing requirements
Manuscript of a presentation at the EMCC (Embedded Multi-Core Conference) 2018 in Munich
Author: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA
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         ISO 26262 Poster
Long before autonomous driving became a hot topic, safety was not only important for braking and steering controllers.
As a standard developed specifically for the automotive industry, the ISO 26262 replaced ISO 61508 a few years ago and is today the definitive standard in terms of automotive safety. Every automotive software developer should be familiar with ISO 26262 to some degree.
Our ISO 26262 poster gives an appealing overview of many aspects of the standard and thus offers beginners a good starting point and advanced developers a clear reference.

         Multi-core poster
Multi-core processors have conquered the automotive industry faster than expected a few years ago. As practice shows, one has to count the cost if one lacks of multi-core knowledge base. Our multi-core poster summarizes the contents of our Multi-core training in one DIN-A1 sized paper. Besides theoretical basics there are examples of current architectures as well as explanations of different kinds of parallelism, cloning, spinlocks, AUTOSAR aspects and not least a glossary. We would be pleased to send you the poster as a hardcopy. Just contact us.

         Timing Poster
What is embedded timing and how can correct timing be secured? Our DIN-A1-sized timing poster sheds light on this complex topic. Various aspects of the development process are illuminated such as diverse analysis techniques, standard, AUTOSAR mechanisms and much more.
We would be delighted to send you a hard-copy of the poster. Just get in touch with us.
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PDF EN          Timing Analysis and Timing Verification today and in the future
Subtitle: "Does reality matter?"
Manuscript of a presentation at the 18th EUROFORUM 2014 in Munich
Author: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA
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PDF DE          Measurement of application performance on automotive microprocessors
Manuscript (German only) of a presentation at VDI Wissensforum "Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug" 2011 in Baden-Baden
Authors: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA and
Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Mayer, Infineon Technologies AG
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PDF EN          Tool Support for Seamless System Development based on AUTOSAR Timing Extensions
Manuscript of a presentation at ERTS 2012 in Toulouse (ERTS = Embedded Real Time Software Exhibition and Congress)
Authors: Dr. Oliver Scheickl, BMW Car IT GmbH,
M.Sc. Christoph Ainhauser, BMW Car IT GmbH and
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA
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PDF DE          Future verification of timing requirements in complex E/E-systems
Manuscript (German only) of a presentation at AutoTest 2012 in Stuttgart
Authors: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA and
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Klein, Symtavision GmbH
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PDF EN          Virtualisation in Use – An AURIX / T1 demo
Slides of a presentation at ESE Kongress 2012 in Sindelfingen (ESE = Embedded Software Engineering)
Authors: Dr. Nicholas Merriam, GLIWA,
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA and
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Harnisch, Infineon Technologies AG
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         Timing analysis for the early verification of software
Article in ATZelektronik 01/2009
Authors: Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Peter Gliwa, GLIWA,
Dipl.-Ing. Hans Sarnowski, BMW AG,
Dr. Marek Jersak, Symtavision and
Dr. Kai Richter, Symtavision
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         The challenges for software developers
Article (German only) on multi-core in 07/2013.
We at GLIWA would like to change the "[not sufficiently available]" in the article's first sentence to "[not sufficiently wide-spread]". Our timing suite T1 fits exactly the gap in the tools sketched out by the article.
Author: Corinne Schindlbeck,
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         Bibliography for cross-references
If you need to cite a document on this page, you can download the bibliography here.

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GLIWA goes YouTube
Our brand new videos provide concrete and entertaining insights into the functions and advantages of the various components of the T1 Analysis Suite.

GLIWA providing fundamental
knowledge besides outstanding

The practice-oriented, book on methodology and analysis of embedded software timing. Numerous case studies help to avoid tricky problems, facilitate optimal use of processor resources and give many hints to secure correct runtime behavior.

Edited by Springer. Available as printed edition and eBook. Take a closer look here.
Now also available in Korea and China!
Peter Gliwa's coveted book was recently published in Korea and – in cooperation with the highly recognized Tsinghua University of Beijing – will also be available on the Chinese book market.

To find out more about T1 or to arrange a free presentation, just call:
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T1 supports TC39x
Synchronized traces from 6 cores!
T1 makes it happen. Click here, to view a screenshot of T1 with 6 synchronized traces and some cross-core communications.


More details on the AURIX 2G can be found in Infineon's official press-release.
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