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2003 Foundation of the sole proprietorship gliwa | know-how in embedded software based in Stuttgart with a focus on coaching of embedded software projects with respect to timing and operating system configuration. The cornerstone for the timing suite T1 followed very quickly.
2004 Changed the form of the organization to “GmbH” (German Limitted) and the company name to GLIWA GmbH embedded systems.
2005 The real-time operating system gliwOS is released in the first version and is characterized by its high efficiency and simple configuration.
2006 The first GPSgecko generation comes onto the market and impresses with its high reliability and robustness while meeting customers' requirements regarding the feature set.
2007 Relocation of the company headquarters to Munich.
2008 The new GPSgecko mkII offers higher accuracy, expanded configuration options and various housing options.
2011 Infineon commissions GLIWA to make the “Eco-System” (debugger, compiler, etc.) of the AURIX processor fit for customers in advance of its release. At the same time, T1 is being further developed for use in multicore projects. On the day of the official AURIX announcement and release for the market, the announcement appears on our website: “T1 supports Infineon AURIX”.
2012 Relocation of the company headquarters to Weilheim in Oberbayern.
T1 is used productively in an increasing number of multicore projects and speeds up development enormously. Synchronization problems, access conflicts on shared memory etc. can be visualized and resolved much more efficiently — often, after task forces had failed to solve those problems without T1.
2013 Release of T1 version 2.0. Furthermore, contracts are concluded with distributors in India and South Korea. Currently ten employees work at GLIWA.
2014 Productive use of T1.stack at a lead customer. T1.stack offers stack analysis based on static code analysis of the binary. Unique advantage worldwide: the call tree can optionally be completed using T1.flex measurements.

GLIWA is also taking off internationally: MDS Technology (now HANCOM MDS) is becoming a distributor for T1 in Korea and Sienese for T1 in China.
2015 As the number of employees grows, the premises in Kreuzgasse become too small. GLIWA moves to Pollinger Straße 1
2016 Foundation of GLIWA engineering GmbH.
The T1-TARGET-SW is certified according to ISO26262 ASIL D for several processors. There is now nothing standing in the way of using T1 on the road and in series production.
On the day of the official AURIX 2G announcement and release to the market, our website reads: “T1 supports Infineon AURIX 2G”.

GAIO becomes distributor for T1 in Japan.
2017 The year of further international expansion.

EDA Expert becomes distributor for France and MDS Pacific for India.
2018 T1.accessPredictor is released after a one-year pilot phase with a lead customer. Based on the executable and the definition of access rights, the code is analyzed statically and checked for possible access violations. MPU injuries in the field can be intercepted in advance.

GLIWA celebrates its 15th anniversary. T1 has helped put timing on a safe footing in over 1000 series projects worldwide.
2019 Release of T1 in version 3.0. T1 is now regarded as the embedded software analysis suite featuring the products/add-ons T1.timing, T1.stack, T1.accessPredictor, T1.streaming, and T1.posix.

Menlopark becomes a distributor for the USA.
At the end of 2019, GLIWA had around 40 employees.
2020 GLIWA manages to complete their fiscal year 2019/2020 with a growth in turnover of roughly 30%. Despite Corona this almost reaches the growth rate of the previous year. GLIWA showed great flexibility when it came to T1 licensing and supported many T1 users who found themselves performing timing analysis from their kitchen table at home.
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GLIWA embedded systems has a new legal form

After a form-changing transformation completed on 1st July 2021 the full new company name is now:

GLIWA embedded systems
GmbH & Co. KG

We kindly ask you to include this name in your systems and to use it in your future correspondence and documents. The address of our head office, the VAT-ID and the D.U.N.S. remain unchanged.

GLIWA providing fundamental
knowledge besides outstanding

The practice-oriented, book on methodology and analysis of embedded software timing. Numerous case studies help to avoid tricky problems, facilitate optimal use of processor resources and give many hints to secure correct runtime behavior.

Edited by Springer. Available as printed edition and eBook. Take a closer look here.
Now also available in Korea and China!
Peter Gliwa's coveted book was recently published in Korea and – in cooperation with the highly recognized Tsinghua University of Beijing – will also be available on the Chinese book market.

To find out more about T1 or to arrange a free presentation, just call:
+49 881 138522-70

New Distributor for South Korea
We welcome ITIV AI as our competent partner in South Korea with years of deep T1 knowledge.

Interviews on YouTube
Check-out the interviews with GLIWA CEO Peter Gliwa on Matrickz TV. In this one Peter talks with MATRICKZ CEO Dr. Hasan Akram about timing in automotive software develeopment and in this one about entrepreneurship.


T1 supports TC39x
Synchronized traces from 6 cores!
T1 makes it happen. Click here, to view a screenshot of T1 with 6 synchronized traces and some cross-core communications.


More details on the AURIX 2G can be found in Infineon's official press-release.
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