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A preview and a brief description of the contents of the posters below can be found on the publications page. You can request your own, free copy of the Timing Poster in DIN-A1 format. We would be delighted to send you a hard-copy of the poster. Simply contact us.

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Embedded Software Timing by
Peter Gliwa

The practice-oriented, freshly published book on methodology and analysis of embedded software timing. Numerous case studies help to avoid tricky problems, facilitate optimal use of processor resources and give many hints to secure correct runtime behavior.

Available in English and German, edited by Springer and available as printed edition and eBook. Take a closer look here

New Distributor for South Korea
We welcome ITIV AI as our competent partner in South Korea with years of deep T1 knowledge.

Interviews on YouTube
Check-out the interviews with GLIWA CEO Peter Gliwa on Matrickz TV. In this one Peter talks with MATRICKZ CEO Dr. Hasan Akram about timing in automotive software develeopment and in this one about entrepreneurship.


T1 supports TC39x
Synchronized traces from 6 cores!
T1 makes it happen. Click here, to view a screenshot of T1 with 6 synchronized traces and some cross-core communications.


More details on the AURIX 2G can be found in Infineon's official press-release.
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